How to decide what to do..

So you think your roof might need to be replaced and you are wondering what to do now. We suggest calling us prior to anything else. Often clients will rush to call their insurance companies only to find out it is deemed not covered by their insurance. The best thing you can do is have a specialist come out and assess your roof for issues. When doing this we will look at the general overall condition of the roof, areas of concern, and be looking to see if we are able to repair the roof and extend its life.

If it is deemed to be sufficient for an insurance claim we will walk you through the entire process and work on your behalf with your insurance.

If your roof is not covered by a claim the process will move fairly quickly and your new roof will be installed in a matter of weeks.

What to expect when you Call US. (its more than just call to us)

  • A friendly hello and a brief conversation about what is going on with your home

  • Discuss how we as a company believe we can best serve you

  • Same Day Followup conversation to present estimate, including measurements of your home.

  • Schedule an Onsite full inspection of your home (always free) to verify measurements and gather additional info
  • While onsite we will discuss materials, design, and answer all of your questions
  • Work with homeowner to coordinate schedules for installation

  • 6 MONTHS from time of completion we will perform an additional full inspection at no charge

Its a big Decision

At the end of the day the decisions surrounding your new roof are a big deal. Your roof not only protects your entire home it also adds the defining look to your home. We want to partner with you to provide information, colors, style tips, and our experiences with roofing.

Call us anytime !! 770-322-4181