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COMMON QueSTIONS for roofs

Can you repair my roof and not have to fully replace it?

many times it is 

most appropriate to repair a roof that is leaking or that has sustained 

damage. Again, have a trusted roofer inspect the entire roof if you are 

having problems so you can make an educated decision pertaining to repair or 


The tv company wants to put satellite dish on my roof. Will this hurt my roof?

Maybe...or maybe not. If the technician does the proper job, it 

should not. However, as we are all human, mistakes can happen and 

necessitate a repair. Be sure to ask your provider to pay for the repair if 

they caused the leak.

When I put Christmas lights on my house I walk on the roof. Does this damage my roof?

It can if you are not careful. Small amounts of careful walking to 

clean gutters, make repairs, or install Christmas lights should not 

negatively impact your roof, but be careful and observant as to any rips or 

tears in the shingles.

How do I know if I need a new roof?

Age and condition. Roofs typically last 

15-25 yrs depending on the type and quality and exposure to the elements, 

including wind and hail damage. We  recommend having a trusted roofer 

inspect to help you form an educated decision.

How long does a new roof last?

On average a 20 yr roof lasts 15 or more 

years, a 25 yr roof may easily attain 20 and architectural shingle roofs 

could realistically attain 25-30 yrs depending on the quality of shingle. 

Some roofs are true lifetime roofs and may last up to 50 yrs.

Still Have a Question?

Many times we find people just want to better understand their roofs and care for it. Feel free to submit any and all questions and our team will get you an answer. 

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